About Us

Traditional Risk Management Strategies:


  • Basis Trading
  • Forward Pricing Strategies
  • Production and Inventory Management Strategies
  • EFP / EFR / Ability to Make or Take Delivery
  • Econometric  model building // Quantitative model building (high comfort level with  SAS coding and model building applications & analysis)

Speculative Commercial, Institutional & Individual Wealth Building Strategies:


  • Institutional (Commodity Fund) trading/ consultation
  • Alternative Investment Strategies designed for a company's pension plan
  • Alternative Investment Strategies designed for the individual investor

Client Services provided:


  • Proprietary analysis of the softwood lumber cash and futures market
  • Custom technical, seasonal, historical, statistical & mathematical analysis of the lumber cash and futures markets
  • Detailed analysis of commodity fund trading related to lumber futures (CFTC COT analysis)
  • Heavy concentration on lumber spread and option strategies
  • FX and interest risk management