About Us

Starting with an extensive trading background, Westline Capital  Strategies was founded with highly strategic, results based ideology  designed to blend traditional softwood lumber risk management strategies  with speculative commodity fund based trading ideas.  Westline Capital  Strategies principle and founder, Greg Kuta witnessed a firsthand need  to understand the ever-evolving lumber futures market as influences like  changes in the economy, the sub-prime induced collapse of housing and  the ever-growing presence of commodity fund trading in lumber futures  changed the trading dynamics of how the lumber markets function,  directly impacting the bottom line of those who participate in trading  the lumber cash and futures markets. 

Definition of Our Clients


Traditional Softwood Lumber Participants

  • Lumber Producers
  • Lumber Wholesalers/ Distributors
  • Lumber Retailers
  • Home Builders
  • CEO's, CFO's, Sales Managers within the lumber industry

Alternative Investors:

  • Commodity Funds (fund managers looking to gain exposure // correlation to the housing industry)
  • Industry Related Pension Plans
  • Individual Investors looking for alternative investments diversification

Westline  Capital Strategies specializes in meshing commodity fund analysis with  traditional fundamental, technical and historical analysis of the  softwood lumber cash and futures markets.  By blending traditional  softwood lumber strategies with how the funds view and actively trade  the lumber market, Westline Capital Strategies can give you a truly  unique, one-of-a-kind perspective on the lumber futures market.

Westline Capital Strategies was founded in 2009 by Greg Kuta.

Greg Kuta, Founder, President, Managing Director


Mr.  Kuta has over twenty years of lumber and commodity futures trading  experience.  Prior to founding Westline Capital Strategies in 2009, Mr.  Kuta spent eleven years as a trader/ vice president of Futures  Technology Corp developing lumber risk management strategies for the  softwood lumber industry.  Mr. Kuta got his start working at and  then managing a retail trading desk with Lind- Waldock Discount  Brokers. 

Mr. Kuta is a graduate of Ohio University in Athens, OH  holding a bachelor of arts in Economics.  Mr. Kuta recently completed  his Masters in Financial Economics (MFE) at Ohio University which is a  nationally ranked MFE program (ranked #9 nationally by the Financial  Times for MFE programs in 2015) and is also an accredited program with  the CFA Institute.  He is currently pursuing the Chartered Financial  Analyst (CFA) designation with the CFA Institute.

Westline  Capital Strategies is registered as a Independent Introducing Broker  (IIB) with the NFA & CFTC and Mr. Kuta is a licensed series 3  commodity broker with the NFA.  WCS currently clears with INTL FCStone.